Yoga for Scoliosis, Stretch the concave side of your body

The instructor who gave me this workshop has developed her structural scoliosis when she was in her adolescence and found that yoga helps tremendously for her back. This practice is good for all ages and levels.

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So let’s start with some theory. There are four major scoliosis curves:

  1. Right Thoracic (mid-back) with left compensating curve.
  2. Left lumbar (lower-back) with right compensating curve.
  3. Right thoracic-lumbar.
  4. Right thoracic-left lumbar combined curve (S type).

There are two types of scoliosis:

  1. Structural which is with rotation plus lateral curve of the spine. It occurs form unknown factors and it tends to affect girls during their adolescence and could be hereditary.
  2. Functional which is only with lateral curve of the spine. It can be cause by poor habit in posture, a difference in leg length or muscle spasms.

How to check scoliosis: bend forward form the hips. If a lateral (side to side) curve visible in standing disappears, it is functional.

From 10 degrees of curvature of the spine it is diagnose scoliosis, 20 degrees has to be observe, 25 degrees needs to wear brace and with 40 degrees of curvature needs operation.

So here the postures people with scoliosis can practice daily which will highly improve their curvature:

  1. Twist leg with bending knees
  2. Gold fish
  3. Up and down scissors
  4. Cycling forward and backward
  5. Bicycle crunch
  6. Ninja
  7. Child-Cobra-cat
  8. Loctus pose
  9. Rowing a boat
  10. Marching on the spot
















Other posses:



If you want to study more about this topic you can read Elise Miller or Marcia Monroe books.

This post is dedicated to my little sister and my aunt with all my love and heart.


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